C&T headwear has been wholesaling caps & hats for 16 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems.
Here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

1. Can you assist me in the design of my hat?

The fastest way to receive you sample cap is by downloading our templates and filling them using Adobe Illustrator. If you experience any difficulty, an experienced member of our development team will be glad to assist you on the design of your cap, providing you submit us your logos and/or artwork in. If you have any trouble our experienced development team can assist you to mock up your cap design as long as you provide your existing logos and .ai or .pdf format files.

2. Can I customize my labels?

Yes. If you want to have your labels customized, all you have to do is specifying the details on your cap template. Unless otherwise required, all C&T headwear come with a mandatory interior woven sweatband label. C&T´s label symbolizes the superior quality level that distinguishes from our competitors, and we hope that you find our label as an added asset to your own brand and logo.

3. What do I have to do to receive a promo sample?

After you send us your finished design template, we can start estimating the costs. A custom cap sample will cost you $30 + shipping fees. Once the details are confirmed, it usually takes between 7 to 10 days. For bulk orders, it will take around 30 days for you to receive your items, and we will refund you the sample costs you payed.

4. What about your prices & order quantities?

For an accurate pricing and for the personal verification of our unique superior quality, requesting a sample is the best option. Final price depends on several factors, such us style, design, fabric, added details and/or embellishments and quantity. For higher quantities you will obtain lower per-item prices. Custom caps and beanie prices start at 100 pieces per design, color and style. Generally, you find prices ranging from $3.99 to $7.49 for a superior quality flat brim cap. You are entitled to place an order as low as of just 50 pieces, the price will become a bit higher, of course. All our prices are EX-Work Dongguan, China and shipping is not included, or FOB Shenzhen China.

5. What are your payment terms?

We will start working on your sample as soon as you pay the total fees. For bulk production orders, you have to deposit 30% of the costs so we start the production. You will have to pay for the remaining balance right before shipment. Given the nature of custom orders, we do not offer funds reimbursement.

6. How long does it take for a production order to be completed?

After receiving the deposit and having the details confirmed, we will usually take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete an order. Nevertheless, production can experience a small delay during busy periods. Therefore, if you have specific deadlines, please inform us previously, so we can reevaluate current scheduling.

7. How do I receive my item(s) if I place an order to C&T Headwear?

All our pricing is EXW Dongguan, China and shipping costs are not included. We will kindly seek quotations for you and assist you with the good´s shipping arrangements. However, you are free to choose and use your own Courier account or Freight Forwarder.
Depending on the ordered quantities, the hats are shipped;
– from 50 to 1000 pieces, shipped by express ( DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc ), DOOR To DOOR;
– from 1000 to 2000 pieces, mostly by express ( Door to Door )or by air ( Airport to Airport )
– 2000 pieces and above, generally by sea ( Sea Port to Sea Port )

8. What is the order process?

Navigate through our wide range of models and style, select the one that suits your preferences and download the template. Fill out the template with Adobe Illustrator, save it in  ia or .pdf format and submit it to us.
One member of our expert designers team will contact you if any questions or suggestions may arise to ensure providing you exactly what you want, so as to meet and exceed your expectations.
After finalizing the design, we will calculate the price and submit it to you for your final decision, in case you want to place a proto sample order.
You will receive an invoice from our accounting department. Each sample costs U$S 30 per piece + shipping costs. After receiving your payment, we will start working on your proto. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to compete a sample, which will be sent to you for approval and comments/ suggestions.
After you decide to set a Bulk Production Order, our accounting department will get in touch with you and send you an invoice. After you confirm the details and make a deposit of 30% of the total invoice, we will begin the production process. Usually, production process takes 6 to 8 weeks to be terminated, this may vary depending on the complexity of the design and our current schedules due to previous commitments.
Sit back and relax,  our staff will be closely monitoring each step of your order manufacturing process to ensure top quality is maintained even in the most minimal details. After your order undergoes and passes  a thorough final inspection, we will send you high definition photographs of your items, so you can check the finished production before making final payment. Once we receive your final payment, we will immediately ship your order.

9. What is production planning?

Headwear Production Planning