Explanation of headwear templates, and instructions to complete them.

A template [sometimes called a tech pack] is a sheet that contains the total information about a style. It contains an informational model of the style, and other vital details like colors, fabrics, sizes, design and all other necessary information.

What is the templates purpose?

It provides precise information between you and us, so everyone has a clear understanding about what work will be completed.

Before production begins you must approve the template for each style,this ensures that all details are correct, and avoids mistakes. You might also like to know that our team uses special detailed templates “in-house”. They remain confidential because they allow us to provide you with premium quality work.

What is the correct way to complete our templates?

Our goal as the manufacturer is to examine a challenging process, like cut and sew production, and re-shape it to run smoothly. This is why our templates are easy to use, and when you receive our blank templates, a correctly completed example template is included.

To make the completion processes even easier follow the instructions below. All you need is a good vector graphics software, like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. And if you cannot complete our templates – we can happily do it for FREE!

PHASE 1 – Choose your fabrics, colors, quantity, and type of closure.

If your style just needs 1 type of fabric, like 100% cotton, only mention the fabric ONCE under GENERAL INFORMATION. And if you prefer stitching to match the hat, indicate MATCHING.

PHASE 2 – Designing your woven label.

First check with your local customs authorities what information must be on the label. This should be easy to find out with either a phone call, or online. After approval and on request we can add a woven label, which shows basic requirements like composition and country of origin.

PHASE 3 – Add your designs to the mock-up.

This is where it starts to get interesting! Add your cool designs, and remember the dimensions and placement. And any other vital details like embellishment, embroidery or printing. And remember, if you cannot do this part yourself we will be happy to help, or even do it for you if necessary.

Headwear template